Medal Of Honor Airbourne Review (PS3)

by February 23rd, 2008

It’s Back Again, but with a new approach

The new outing of Medal Of Honor needed something new, something to give new life to the series which is starting to get stale.
Something new we got, the introduction of being able to parachute down onto the levels, then play the missions in any order you like creating non-linear game play.
Is this a gimmick…. Yes, in the single player it gives you no real advantage where you land.
You can only land in green marked areas, declared as safe. If you land anywhere else you usually get shot before your feet touch the ground.

Summing up this game looks great, plays great.

So the parachuting gimmick never worked for me.
On the other hand the general game play is super smooth, also introduced is an effective lean system where you can lean your gun around and above cover to shoot at enemies.
Selection of weapons throughout the game seems basic WW2 Weaponry, nothing wrong with that.

The game at times has the Call Of Duty 4 feel were you feel like you are actually in the war, ducking terrified behind cover listening to rounds of bullets shattering your cover.

All this makes for a solid single player campaign, that takes about 8 hours to complete.
So what else is there ?

Online Play that Rivals Warhawk and Call Of Duty 4

Well it could if there was more players.
We have the basic Team Death match, a variation of Catch the Flag etc.
It is Axis Vs Allies, you usually get to pick which side you are on.
If you are on Allies team you parachute onto the map at start and on every respwan.
Now that’s were the fun begins, also justifies the new feature. There is nothing more satisfying when you are killed than to land back on top of your foe and blow him away.
Also you get to land on rooftops that Axis players cannot reach, this makes for some fun rooftop sniper play.

The game has its bad sides too, starting with the massive amount of recoil on your weapons making it hard to aim. It’s annoying that the enemies don’t have the same aim problem.
The first 2 levels are quite dull and repetitive, but working through them is worthwhile as the final 4 stages provide excellent entertainment.
Skill Drops are pretty useless as you get told about them once you find them while already on ground.

Summing up this game looks great, plays great. Has a strong online mutiplayer feature, just the game that the series needed.

The Good: Solid Graphics and Frame rates throughout the game; Challenging Enemy AI ; A decent storyline, drawing you in; Enjoyable Online Play, New Parachute Feature adds to online enjoyment;
The Bad: Weapon Recoil Seems excessive ; First 2 levels are extremely boring

Medal Of Honor Airbourne Medal Of Honor Airbourne Medal Of Honor Airbourne Medal Of Honor Airbourne Medal Of Honor Airbourne 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5
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