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The Dream of Neko (DS)

The Dream of Neko is a cartoon styled puzzle game set in a magical world where the lead character has the ability to morph into other creatures which will help in achieving the desired goals within the quest! Inside this beautiful and enchanting world the player will be able to utilize a plethora of powers and weapons including fireballs, funny mimics, etc, complete with stunning visual effects as they traverse the lush and highly detailed settings!

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The Dream of NekoThe back story for The Dream of Neko tells of a kitten named Neko who has a fascination for humans and in many ways is envious in that they can eat anything they want, and travel fast using big weird mechanical machines. After a hard day’s hunting in the forest, he decides to rest and swiftly falls asleep but is awoken by a sudden, unusual noise, and blinding light seers through him. Neko felt strange and sensed that something had changed he was transformed remarkably, he has become human.

Neko soon discovers that it is not so easy being a human and the player will have to control Neko through the 6 worlds of the game to help him to recover/discover his appearance. Neko will meet many creatures trying to stop him, but he can use items and magical powers to oppose them. Neko can also collect invaluable coins scattered across the levels to buy more essential items. Each of the six entrancing settings has its own puzzles to solve and a boss stage to complete to reach the next world!

Features include:

– Cartoon presentation, cute and funny creatures with fluid and smooth animations

– Innovative physics engine (gravity and collision)

– Buy much needed items in a shop with the collected coins

– High replay value (collect all the coins to reach 100% completion of the levels)

– 6 colourful and changing worlds: forest, caves, desert, oasis, lake and wonderland

The Dream of Neko offers an engrossing challenge with a host of ideas, surprises and fascinating encounters.

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