The 360 DLC Discussion Thread

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The 360 DLC Discussion Thread

Postby Phoenix Trigger » Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:46 am

Although the XBL Marketplace is a reliable source of downladable content, some of it can prove to be incredibly dissapointing. Much loved songs that suddenly appear on Rock Band may seem incredibly dull to play once purchased. New weapons in Dead Space may just be a slight varient on a pistol turned upside down. New maps may appear drab, dull and linear. It's a tricky path to walk on, as with no ability to test them out beforehand, once your points are gone, they're gone.

Take a look in a professional gaming mag and even they don't have much to say about it themselves, and due to our word limit guidelines, it's incredibly hard to write reviews for it. Rarely does DLC concern huge changes to a game like new levels and huge sections of land. So, if anyone should get themselves some cyber gaming goodness from the marketplace, feel free to come to this thread and talk about it.

It's not asking for anything huge, but bitesize reviews of any DLC (not Live arcade games) you've picked up are welcome, and most importantly, was it worth the money! Doesn't matter how small the content is, it'll surely help someone out...hopefully...
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