Race Driver: Grid Review (PC)

by July 27th, 2008


I’m not a fan of racing games as such – the only game worth my time was GT4.

GT4 this isn’t… This is much, much better.

To start with you need to complete one race with other cars to get your licences, this race is really easy and you should have no problems with it at all. After this you are taken to the main title screen where you can choose your car colour, number and any sponsors you have gained (when you win your first race). You can also see your rankings and how you are doing against the other drivers in the game.

There are three areas of the world that you can compete in – Europe, USA and Japan. When you start to win races you gain reputation points in the area of the world you a racing in, and when you gain enough points you gain another licence level of which there are 3. It does work a bit like the licences in GT4 but without having to redo the race a million times to get the licence.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful and the damage effects on the cars are brilliant.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful

There is nothing better than completing a race when your car is veering wildly to the left for most of the race (doesn’t sound fun but trust me it is). There have been many times when I have caught myself staring at the scenery and gone off the track, which is equally as pretty when the front of your car explodes into loads of spinning pieces (which do stay on the track and can knock you off when you go round again).

The sound is pretty good too, the engine sounds and the roar of the crowd as you tear round the track are brilliant. The game uses 7.1 surround sound too so you can hear cars coming up behind you and which side so you can veer accordingly which is a nice touch.

Right – the controls… I started playing on a keyboard, bad idea. The controls are so sensitive every key press I made made the car throw itself over the other side of the track. Race Driver: GridNeedless to say I got an Xbox controller the next day which made it so much better to play and it takes no setting up whatsoever. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go which I have never experienced before.

To sum up this is a fantastic game and I would definitely recommend it to any racing fan and non racing fans alike. The graphics are astounding but I would recommend that you get yourself a controller first.

The Good: Looks beautiful; Nice easy learning curve; Keeps you coming back
The Bad: Twitchy controls with a keyboard you REALLY need a gamepad; Bit of a system hog; Can be frustrating

Race Driver: Grid Race Driver: Grid Race Driver: Grid Race Driver: Grid 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5
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Young 26 enjoys playing games...lots of games and most of the time, if only i didnt need to sleep.